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European SME Summit: How Green Makes Money Publicado em: 29/10/2010, Última atualização: 28/01/2014

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Data do evento: 18/11/2010
Local: Brussels Event Brewery, Brussels, Belgium
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99.8% of Europeanbusinesses are SMEs. Together they account for more than two thirds of European employment. And yet… this is the first time - during this Belgian EU presidency - that a European SME Summit of this kind has ever been organised.

This SME Summit focuses on the need for customised legislation for SMEs. The introduction of the European Small Business Act was an important starting point for this. But what now? Governments can only achieve their ambitious goals if they design them around the needs of SMEs.

This also applies to the ‘Green Economy’. Both Belgian and European policy makers are convinced that SMEs need to be given a major role in developing a green, innovative economy. During this summit, European SMEs will offer their testimonies about the national and international opportunities presented by the green (r)evolution with explanations by top economists.