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How can service innovation help promote sustainable tourism in rural and mountain regions? Публикувано на: 22/10/2010

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Дата на проявата: 22/11 > 23/11/2010
Място: Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley , Italy
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The Support for Industrial Innovation Unit of DG Enterprise and Industry (ENTR-D2) will organise, in cooperation with the Autonomous Region of Aosta (Italy), on 22-23 November 2010, a seminar on “How can service innovation help promote sustainable tourism in rural and mountain regions?” The seminar will take place in Saint Vincent in the Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley and is now open for registration .

The seminar will address the challenge of how to bring together service innovation, culture and tourism in a mutually reinforcing manner, thus creating a “golden triangle” that will enhance the attractiveness of tourism destinations by better valorising cultural regional assets through innovative services. The workshop will bring together innovation experts from the different fields discussing the role of service innovation for rural and mountain regions.

In the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy, DG Enterprise and Industry is looking into the question of how service innovation can contribute to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. To this end, an Expert Panel on Service Innovation in the EU has been set up which, inter alia, is assessing how service innovation can drive the emergence of new markets and service industries that stimulate growth in Europe. The Expert Panel has identified the cultural and tourism sectors as areas, where service innovation has a potential to support the development of new services and jobs. It will deliver its final report in January 2011. This seminar is organised in support of the Expert Panel.

For further information about this seminar, a background document is available. Please note that participation is limited to 75 persons and requires prior confirmation by the organisers. Travel and accommodation costs will not be reimbursed by the organisers.

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