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Space research - FP8 hearing Data tal-pubblikazzjoni: 21/10/2010, L-aħħar aġġornament: 11/11/2010

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Id-data tal-avveniment: 08/12/2010
Il-post fejn se jsir: Brussels
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(DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATIONS AND WRITTEN CONTRIBUTIONS EXTENDED UNTIL 22 NOVEMBER 2010)<br/>On 8 December 2010 DG Enterprise and Industry will organise a hearing on the space theme in the Eighth Framework Programme for Research (FP8 Space). Brussels - DG Enterprise and Industry, Avenue d'Auderghem 45, BE 1040, 'Old-press room', 4th floor

The aim of the hearing is to give Europe's space research community an opportunity to provide the European Commission with ideas to drive the preparation of the FP8 Space theme. Hearing participants are expected to provide concrete input regarding the particular research areas to be addressed, with a particular focus on any new areas that may not have been adequately addressed under FP7-Space, and with the aim of identifying the space research challenges to be addressed over the next decade. Directors of research from universities, research centres and industry are particularly welcome.

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