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International Food Conference - For a competitive food supply chain in Europe, 2010 Data tal-pubblikazzjoni: 01/09/2010, L-aħħar aġġornament: 30/04/2014

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Id-data tal-avveniment: 14/10/2010
Il-post fejn se jsir: Centre Albert Borschette (Rue Froissart 36, 1040, Bruxelles, Belgium)
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The European Commission (Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry) organises a one-day conference entitled "For a competitive food supply chain in Europe" in collaboration with the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU .

The conference will bring together policymakers and stakeholders from the food supply chain and will focus on the possibilities to increase the competitiveness of the food sector.

It will give insights in the work to be done by the High Level Forum for a Better Functioning Food Supply Chain and the consequences of the EU 2020 Strategy. Furthermore the conference will provide an overview of the impact of the EU policies on the food supply chain and of the importance of innovation in the food sector.

The conference "For a competitive food supply chain in Europe" has beeen recorded.