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Galileo and EGNOS - Europe's Satellite Navigation Programmes Publicat la data de: 30/08/2010

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European GNSS Supervisory Authority.

Galileo, and its existing precursor EGNOS, will make possible a virtually limitless range of liability-critical services, applications and business opportunities under independent European control.

A bold European vision: Europe is building a state-of-the-art Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to provide accurate and guaranteed positioning for all types of civilian applications: inclduing car navigators, mobile phones, maritime, road, rail and air transport. Modern and efficient Galileo satellite infrastructure will enhance Europe's technological independence and keep it at the centre of a commercial revolution based on positioning products and services, a revolution now expected to create many new jobs in Europe.

Satellite positioning has become essential to socio-economic prosperity, and GNSS already forms the backbone of a growing multi-billion-euro industry. The improved accuracy and reliability of Galileo, with its guaranteed and tailor-made services, will provide unparalleled service quality in global satellite navigation, positioning and timing.

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