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Social innovation initiative for Europe Zveřejněno:: 04/08/2010, Poslední aktualizace: 06/10/2010

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Call for tenders no 40/PP/ENT/CIP/10/E/N02C011<br/>The subject of the Contract is the establishment of a pilot action for a ‘Social Innovation Initiative for Europe’ through the provision and maintenance of a highly interactive web-based platform (‘hub’) for networking stakeholders and for developing a searchable repository database in the field of social innovation, as well as through the preparation of thematic reports to cover key aspects of social innovation, and organization of dissemination events.

New - Following the receipt of an additional tender, a second opening will be organised at 14.00 on 07.10.2010 at the following location: 45, avenue d'Auderghem - Room 06/138 - 1049 Brussels. An authorised representative of each tenderer may attend this opening according to the procedure described under point 1.5 of the specifications.

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