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Labour migration is crucial for EU growth Zveřejněno:: 13/07/2010, Poslední aktualizace: 15/07/2010

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Multinational companies operating in Europe need access to the right people, at the right time, but such people are not always available locally. Businesses therefore need to be able to transfer key personnel between companies into and within the EU. The proposal on labour migration would help the EU reach its goal of remaining an open and competitive labour market.

The Communication on "Reaffirming free movement of workers: rights and major developments" offers an overall picture of the rights of EU migrant workers, updating the Commission’s 2002 Communication, taking on board legislative and case-law developments. It aims to raise awareness and promote the rights of migrant workers.

The existing body of EU law in this area (the acquis) gives European citizens the fundamental right to move freely within the EU for work purposes and protects the social rights of workers and of their family members. In this dynamic area, where change is driven by labour market policy, family structure and the process of European integration, free movement law contributes both to achieving the single market and fostering the social, economic and cultural inclusion of EU migrant workers within the host Member States.

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