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3rd European Maritime Day - Stakeholder Conference Публикувано на: 02/06/2010

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Results of the workshop on "Research and Development activities for improved capabilities in surveillance to enhance EU maritime border security"

EU Security R&D is mission oriented and end-user driven. In the area of maritime security and border surveillance it aims to set up innovative solutions to permanently track vessels, monitor vulnerable lanes, ports and extended border zones, to early understand and identify risks and threats for appropriate response. Key challenges are detection of small crafts, fusion of information to detect anomalies, persistency of the monitoring, interoperability and affordability. This is an area of synergy with the research being undertaken by ESA and EDA.

At this workshop a set of R&D activities funded by the FP7 Security Research Theme were presented. They represent an important investment for the EU research budget, and range from capability projects to a demonstration project.

The workshop was a first step to further structure their implementation setting them against the evolution of EU policy. It provided an opportunity for researchers and stakeholders to 'synchronize' their work, and stimulated further involvement of stakeholders (in particular of end users nationally responsible for the surveillance of the maritime border, and of European Agencies, foremost Frontex).

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