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Workshop on Exploration and Innovation Industrial Competitiveness and Technological Advance Julkaistu: 10/05/2010

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Ajankohta: 29/04 > 30/04/2010
Paikka: Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, Oxfordshire, UK
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This is the second of a series of 3 workshops, jointly organised by the EU and ESA, which aim at ensuring a wide consultation process of all concerned stakeholders in Europe, as a contribution to the definition of a European view on space exploration. The outcome of the workshops will be used as an input for the joint EU-ESA view on exploration and for the second high level international exploration conference to be held in Brussels in October 2010.

As outlined in the EU2020 vision innovation is a central challenge for Europe "In a fast-changing world, what makes the difference is education and research, innovation and creativity". The second EC/ESA workshop will therefore bring together key industrial actors involved in space exploration, representatives of non-space sectors having an interest in benefits stemming from exploration as well as institutional stakeholders (EC, ESA and their Member States). It will present the catalyst role of space exploration to foster innovation, industrial competitiveness and technological advance. The opportunities and challenges for the space industry in Europe will be reviewed as well as the extent to which human space exploration will draw in stakeholders from beyond the space sector and help to drive innovation in other technologies and industries.


  • Underline the role of space exploration as an engine for innovation and industrial competitiveness and technological progress
  • Review the opportunities and challenges for the space industry in future exploration endeavours
  • Illustrate the opportunities to increase the footprint of non-space stakeholders using space exploration as a challenge for innovation and foster trans-sectoral synergies
  • Provide suggestions for policy conclusions in relation to innovation, industrial competitiveness and technological advance within exploration

For the purpose of these workshops the following definition of space exploration is proposed: "Space exploration can be considered as the combination of robotic and human activities for the discovery of extra-terrestrial environments - that will open up new frontiers for the acquisition of knowledge and peaceful expansion of humankind"

The agenda of the workshop as well as the presentations that were given at this workshop will be available soon