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Services to collect, display and analyse data/information on SMEs' access to finance

The European Commission has published a Call for Expression of Interest on 31 March 2010 concerning work on indicators and data on access to finance of SMEs/extension of the European Commission's "Enterprise Finance Index" .

The European 'Enterprise Finance Index' is a pool of existing data and information on a number of indicators which can be used to evaluate access to finance in the EU and individual countries. The EFI serves mainly to:

  • improve the factual basis for policy making in the field of enterprises' access to finance at EU and Member State level,
  • increase transparency of the situation of access to finance for enterprises in the EU,
  • lift the burden on SMEs caused by surveys on access to finance which are commissioned de-centrally,
  • provide a central tool for policy makers at EU and Member State level.

The relevant documentation for this call for expressions of interest includes: