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SME Finance Forum Publicado el: 06/04/2010, Última actualización: 06/05/2010

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Fecha del evento: 06/05/2010
Lugar: Brussels, Belgium
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"How to exit the recession and achieve smart growth"

SME Finance Forum - How to exit the recession and achieve smart growth<br/><br/>The European Commission is organising a high-level conference, the “SME Finance Forum”, with SMEs, banks and other financial institutions, on how to address the current challenges in access to finance for SMEs. It will take place in Brussels on 6 May 2010 from 09:00 to 16:00, in the Charlemagne building.

As pointed out in the Europe 2020 Communication, the financial crisis has halved Europe’s growth potential. Many investment plans, talents and ideas risk not being realised because of uncertainty, sluggish demand and lack of funding. The impact on real economic activity could be more pronounced in Europe because our SMEs rely more on bank loans than their counterparts in some other economies. It is therefore crucial that banks resume their normal role of providing liquidity and supporting investment in the real economy. Likewise, it is also important to further support and develop equity markets for start-ups and small innovative enterprises.

The Forum will examine the current market situation and legal framework, as well as exploring new ideas and strategies for improving access to finance for SMEs. It will be a great opportunity to discuss possible actions to be carried out in the short term to support the upturn, as well as longer-term issues.

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