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Launch of the SME helpdesk on standardisation Публикувано на: 10/03/2010, Последна актуализация: 15/03/2010

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CEN and CENELEC have launched the SME Helpdesk, which will provide on-demand advice and information to support European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) on standardisation related issues.

The task of the SME Helpdesk will be to introduce European SMEs to the knowledge and business tools required to access the European Standardisation System of CEN and CENELEC through:

  • free information, with links to brochures and presentations;
  • first-line advice through consultation of appropriate experts via e-mail;
  • investigation of other support measures, including training and mentoring to help European SMEs which wish to understand more and contribute to European standardisation.

The SME Helpdesk will also provide a range of practical training tools in web-based format and training workshops.

Services provided by the SME Helpdesk are free of charge and are offered either online or by telephone.

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