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2nd High level conference on Industrial Competitiveness: The role of policy and markets in difficult times. What have we learnt? Where do we go? Gepubliceerd op: 01/03/2010, Laatste bijwerking: 22/03/2010

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Datum: 26/04/2010
Plaats: Brussels
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High-level policy makers, including Commission President José Manuel Barroso, policy advisers, business leaders and social partners will meet to discuss "The role of policy in difficult times: What have we learnt – where do we go?" so as to identify the options for Europe to emerge from the crisis and meet the challenges of the next decade. This event will also be the occasion for the Barroso II Commission to share in an interactive forum with about 400 participants its first ideas on the European Growth and Jobs Strategy (Europe 2020) and on its new approach to industrial policy, and to receive feedback on these ideas and policy visions. Deadline for registration to participate in the conference is the 19th of April 2010.

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