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Impact of the economic crisis on key sectors of the EU, February 2010 Publicerat den: 02/02/2010, Senaste uppdatering: 03/03/2010

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This series of reports is prepared on a monthly basis by DG Enterprise and Industry. It aims at describing the impact of the economic crisis on manufacturing and construction industries.

The EU economy and its manufacturing sector seem to be emerging from recession. Most Member States showed a clear rebound in GDP with only Spain and Greece still in negative territory. Increasing new orders and growing confidence over the past months also point to a generally improving outlook for the EU industry. However, the situation still varies considerably between sectors and across Member States and remains generally fragile. Indeed, in eight Member States manufacturing output hasn't really started to recover yet, while construction output is still on a downward trend in most EU countries. New orders in a number of industrial sectors continue to be very low as is capacity utilisation. Consequently, further reduction of employment can be expected in a number of sectors.