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Protection of knowledge in the Shipbuilding Industry Published on: 07/01/2010, Last update: 20/01/2010

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Event date: 26/03/2010
Location: Hamburg
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Directorate General Enterprise is organising conferences on “Protection of knowledge in the Shipbuilding Industry" in Rotterdam and Hamburg in February and March 2010.

Conferences on "Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)" will take place in Rotterdam (February 2010) and Hamburg (March 2010).

The objective of this conference/workshop is to familiarise the audience with IPR issues in the shipbuilding sector and to discuss practical measures enterprises can take first to protect their know-how and second to take action if IPR have been infringed. Addressees of the event are therefore representatives of enterprises and organisations dealing with IPR aspects from various angles. Discussions should therefore focus on the exchange of practical experience, as much as topical presentations. More…