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Study on the Competitiveness of the EU security industry Zveřejněno:: 17/12/2009, Poslední aktualizace: 16/12/2009

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This Final Report of "Study on the competitiveness of the EU security industry" was commissioned by the European Commission Directorate-General Enterprise and Industry, within the context of the Framework Contract on Sector Competitiveness Studies (ENTR/06/054).

The Final Report of the study of the “Competitiveness of the EU security industry” sets out to provide a picture of the current situation of the EU security industry, its structure and organisation, competitiveness position and challenges for the future.

The study represents, perhaps, the first attempt to provide a coherent economic analysis of the security industry at the level of the EU. In this regard, the objectives set for the study were ambitious, particularly in view of the absence of existing relevant analysis of the EU security industry, the lack of statistical data on the industry and markets, and even more fundamentally on the definition of security itself. This is reflected in the overall approach adopted for the study, which is based on a general assessment of the EU security industry combined with more detailed analysis of specific segments seen as important given current EU security priorities. Accordingly, it provides a widely representative assessment of the EU security industry enabling a broad range of policy issues and potential responses to be identified.

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