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Training and education call welcomes SME participation Публикувано на: 12/11/2009

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The EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme has published its 2010 call for proposals. As part of its remit to offer training and education opportunities to people at all stages of their lives, the programme aims to enlist the support of enterprises such as SMEs.

One way SMEs can get involved in this latest call is through Erasmus, a lifelong learning sub-programme, which covers higher-level education and training.

ERASMUS wants to receive project bids that focus on supporting activities that bring together higher education institutions and partners from outside academia, such as SMEs and professional bodies like chambers of commerce.

A key priority is to support projects that strengthen the link between educational studies and future skills and employment needs. The objective is to promote business input into course design, which will help to ensure that training and education programmes are better tailored to match the needs of the economy.

Through Erasmus, the Commission also wants to develop educational services that will upgrade the knowledge and skills of employees – such as language courses to improve competitiveness.

The Leonardo da Vinci lifelong learning sub-programme supports initial and continuing vocational education and training. This call provides a special focus to encourage the participation of enterprises, including SMEs, and social partner organisations across all Leonardo actions.

SME involvement in Leonardo’s training and learning mobility initiatives is particularly welcome.

Call deadlines vary depending on which part of the Lifelong Learning Programme submissions relate to, though most expire in February and March 2010.

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