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Study on the Competitiveness of EU Eco-industry Publié le: 22/10/2009, Dernière mise à jour: 12/11/2009

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The goal of this study is to perform a competitiveness screening of the EU eco-industries in order to identify factors which need to be addressed in the industrial competitiveness policy for eco-industries based on a quantitative economic foundation. The competitiveness screening identifies those framework conditions and possible market failures that are most important for indusrial competitiveness. An im[ortant elelment of the study is the analysis of eco-industry's supply chain.

The report is published in two parts. The first part provides the main results of the analysis for the EU eco-industries as a whole and cross-cutting policy issues. The second part provides a review of particular eco-industries that have been perceived as core EU eco-industries for this study.

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