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"The Global Information Technology Report 2007-2008 (World Economic Forum)" Published on: 21/10/2008, Last update: 26/10/2009

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DANA ELEFTHERIADOU, European Commission.
The most important driver of innovation and competitiveness today is information and communication technologies (ICT).There is, by now, compelling evidence for the positive correlation between ICT and productivity growth. It is also well recognized that the issue is much broader than increasing investments in ICT: indeed, the latter can induce higher productivity growth only when accompanied by appropriate organizational changes, innovative e-business models,1 and investment in skills.Those are key factors to firms’ global competitiveness, particularly for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Firms should not only be investing larger amounts in ICT equipment and infrastructure but, more importantly, should be investing in smarter ways to use ICT. Enterprises should not hesitate to reflect deeply about their current way of doing business and how to innovate by adopting new management practices, taking full advantage of the tremendous potential of ICT.

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