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2nd Mobile communications seminar Published on: 23/09/2004, Last update: 31/08/2009

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Event date: 23/09/2004
Location: Brussels
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In cooperation with the GSM Europe/GSM Association and the European mobile operators, the Mobile Manufacturers Forum (MMF), the European Commission held the Second Mobile Communications Seminar on Health, Environment and Society, in Brussels on 23-24 September 2004.

The one-and-a-half-day open Seminar attracted significant contributions from EU institutions, Member States, scientists, industry, government representatives and other stakeholders. It demonstrates the willingness of the players in this industry to contribute to an optimal understanding of the technology and its’ impact on public health and safety.

Public concerns exist about alleged adverse health effects form the operation of mobile telecommunications technology. This is despite independent expert reports, other scientific reviews and advisory bodies around the world continuing to conclude that, based on the current weight of scientific evidence, there are no known adverse health effects form exposures below international guidelines.

The Commission strongly encourages the Member States to exchange best practice, to link activities, to make adequate strategies, to communicate results and opinions and to deal coherently with the concerns of the public. He mentioned that this will be especially important in the context of the recent roll-out of the 3rd generation cellular networks.

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