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1st Mobile communications seminar Published on: 20/01/2004, Last update: 31/08/2009

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Event date: 20/01/2004
Location: Brussels
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The European Commission organized in cooperation with the European mobile operators (represented by the GSM Association) and the Mobile Manufacturers Forum an open Conference on Mobile Communications: Health, Environment and Society in Brussels on 20-21st January 2004.

There is growing interest in a better understanding of the contribution of mobile communication services to society. Against a background of alleged health concerns an appropriate balance is needed between protecting public health and ensuring access to the business, social, environmental and personal benefits delivered by mobile communications technology.

The first day of this major Conference explored the themes of the emerging scientific consensus on health issues, whether there is a need for precautionary measures, sensible governance, risk communication, the environmental consequences of mobile communications and emerging analysis of their social contribution. It was followed by a second day Conference, organized by the European Commission on Best Practices Exchanges between. Regulations and strategies to communicate risks to the public differ between Member States. A mix of regulations, voluntary agreements and information campaigns has been put into place. Public authorities set out their policies and operators will present their experience with voluntary agreements.

Mr Heinz Zourek, Deputy Director-General of the Enterprise DG, delivered the keynote speech to the Conference with contributions from natural and social scientists, industry and government representatives, engineers and politicians. Invitees comprised officials from EU institutions, European countries and international governmental organizations beside persons from industry and science.

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