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Implementation and development of a construction information platform Published on: 27/07/2009, Last update: 15/12/2009

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Published in OJ N° S141 of 25/07/2009 <br/><br/>Call for Tenders: ENTR/09/010 - Implementation and development of a construction information platform

Based on a previous feasibility study on establishing a communication platform (web-based portal plus other possible information actions), funded by the 2008 CIP programme, this contract should cover an initial stage of full-scale implementation. The platform should significantly facilitate access for construction sector operators (in the public sector: local/regional authorities; in the private sector: contractors, manufacturers, architects and engineers, in particular SMEs) to information on the wide spectra of EU policies, initiatives and legislation of relevance to the construction sector. The tasks to be undertaken will include:

1. fully based on the features and the implementation plan developed under an ongoing assignment funded by the 2008 Construction Information Platform feasibility study, this assignment would support full-scale implementation of such a platform for at least 12 months;

2. assessment of the implementation phase with a report indicating functioning and scope for improvement.

Please note that additional information may be posted on this web page during the publication stage. As such, we encourage you to visit this page regularly .

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