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Sectoral Approaches to fostering international action on climate change. Publicado el: 23/07/2009, Última actualización: 19/03/2010

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Please note the time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate: 8 September 2009.

Open procedure, 2009/S 138-200998<br/><br/>Call for tenders: No ENTR/2009/048 - Sectoral Approaches to fostering international action on climate change.

In the context of the revised Emission Trading Directive (2009/29/EC , amending Directive 2003/87/EC) adopted by the Council and Parliament in December 2008, the Commission had proposed the identification by mid 2010 of energy intensive industry sectors at a significant risk of carbon leakage. Installations belonging to such sectors would receive up to 100% of emission allowances for free. A final decision would have to be taken by mid 2011 at the latest, taking into account the outcome of the international negotiations on climate change and their impact on efforts of industry sectors outside the EU.

So far the so called carbon leakage assessment has analysed the direct and indirect CO2 cost to EU industry, but the list of sectors at risk of carbon leakage, as established by the Commission’ s assessment, will have to be refined in the light of other, non-EU regions’ commitment to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

This call for tender addresses the international dimension of this assessment, as a basis for sectoral approaches and providing for an analytical underpinning for the Commission’ s negotiating position in the international climate change negotiations.

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