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Making progress in promoting entrepreneurial attitudes and skills through Primary and Secondary education Published on: 01/03/2004, Last update: 24/08/2009

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European Commission, Enterprise Directorate General.

This report by a group of national experts of 26 European countries, co-ordinated by the Commission under the Multiannual Programme for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (2001-2005), is the follow-up of a previous "Best Procedure" project (see information provided below). Coherently with priorities identified by the Entrepreneurship Action Plan, it aims to strengthen and focus current efforts at all levels to foster an entrepreneurial culture in Europe, starting from school.

In particular, the objective of this report is to identify useful policies and strategies that could be developed at national or regional level, and that will make it possible to achieve progress in promoting the teaching of entrepreneurship within primary and secondary education, as well as to propose instruments that would help monitoring such progress.

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