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Conference - Towards a global low carbon economy Objavljeno: 01/11/2007, Zadnja sprememba: 30/09/2009

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Datum: 27/11/2007
Kraj: Hilton Hotel in Brussels, Belgium
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High Level Group on Competitiveness, Energy and Environment <br/><br/> The economy is shifting towards a low carbon economy – are you leading this change? <br/> Are you ready to shape the future as global business leaders and policy makers alike gather at this conference to discuss how? <br/> <br/> The European Commission and members of the HLG on "Competitiveness, Energy and Environment", invited business leader’s from across Europe and the globe to participate in what was a landmark conference, progressing debate on addressing climate change and the role of business internationally in mobilising change. The conference consisted of a number of keynote speeches and round tables including business leaders, politicians and civil society of international standing. The panel discussions included audience participation and day’s event led to conclusions which were fed into international discussions on climate change. Round table discussions were moderated by an international journalist Ms Frances Cairncross .

Round tables and speakers

Round table 1: HLG Legacy, Challenges and Vision

Over the last two years, the European Commission has brought senior level people from business, non-governmental organisations and government Ministers together in the High Level Group for Competitiveness Energy and Environment. The Group provided advice on priority policy issues related to transforming the EU economy into a low carbon economy. Some of the members will present the main messages Europe has developed in these areas and initiatives the Union has launched – as well as what gaps remain. The focus will be on Competitiveness, Climate Change, Energy Security, and International Energy Markets

  • Neelie Kroes, EU Commissioner for Competition
  • Mauri Pekkarinen, Minister for Trade and Industry, Finland
  • Ernest-Antoine Seillière, President, BusinessEurope
  • Andrew Liveris, President and CEO, Dow Chemical Company
  • Sir John Mogg, Chairman, European Energy Regulators
  • Mikael Karlsson, President, European Environmental Bureau

Round table 2: Compete to Deploy, International Framework for Sustainable Business

This round table will focus on the global dimension and provide an opportunity to influence global frameworks. Panel discussions will cover issues of interest to business such as technology cooperation, financing, risk management, industry examples of demonstration and deployment of low carbon technologies and practical discussions on how these can be made commercially applicable. The focus will be on the assistance, blocks and challenges which are facing business internationally as they move to low carbon operations.

  • Andris Piebalgs, EU Commissioner for Energy
  • Claude Turmes, MEP, Vice President, GREENS/EFA Group
  • Teruaki Masumoto, Member of Japanese Government Advisory Committee for Climate Change, Vice CEO, TEPCO
  • Lars G. Josefsson, President and CEO, Vattenfall
  • Prof Zhai Deyuan, CEO, Inner Mongolia Yitai Group, China
  • Günter Baumann, Vice President, Eurochambers
  • Joachim Wuermeling, Secretary of State for the European Union, Germany

Round table 3 – Cooperate to Deliver, International Framework for Policy action on Climate Change

Governments are to help business address and adapt to climate change. But in order for Governments to put in place policy frameworks that enable progress to be made, business must ensure that they communicate clearly what they require to make the transition. Some of the topics up for discussion include sector approaches, competitive markets, worldwide ambitious standards, technological acceleration, globalisation and what low carbon means for trade as well as managing the risks of financing transition.

  • Stavros Dimas, EU Commissioner for Environment
  • Guido Sacconi, MEP, Chairman Temporary Committee on Climate Change
  • Manhendra K. Singhi, Executive Director, Shree Cement, India
  • Martin Bartenstein, Federal Minister of Economics and Labour, Austria
  • Bjorn Stigson, President, World Business Council for Sustainable Development John Hutton, Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise & RR, United Kingdom Edward (Ned) Helme, President, Center for Clean Air Policy - Washington