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Modernising ICT Standardisation in the EU - The Way Forward Paskelbta: 03/07/2009, Paskutinį kartą atnaujinta: 28/09/2009

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The Commission White Paper on Modernising ICT Standardisation in the EU describes some of the dramatic changes which have taken place in the ICT standardisation landscape over the last decade or so and invites comments from all interested parties on the possible actions which could be taken to adapt to these changes.

The questions are split into two sections below:

  • Identification
  • Specific questions

The specific questions are optional and respondents may therefore reply to all, none or a selection of the latter group of questions Respondents are however strongly encouraged to respond to as many questions as possible to help ensure the best possible results from the public consultation.

Unless otherwise specified, only one answer per question is possible. You have 90 minutes to fill in the on-line questionnaire. After this delay your responses will be lost. Please use the pdf version provided for preparation. Once you are ready to answer the questions, it is important that you complete the on-line version of the questionnaire, not the print version.

Please also note that there are additional questions for respondents who represent an organisation. Only one questionnaire per organisation should be submitted.

For questions, please use the email address provided below.

The consultation closes on 15 September 2009.

On-line questionnaire: .

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