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European Innovation Platform for Eco-innovation

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Call for proposals: Action ENT/CIP/09/C/N01S005 - Europe INNOVA: European Innovation Platform for Eco-innovation.<br/>The objective of the call is to reinforce the action of the European Innovation Platform on Eco-innovation under the Europe INNOVA initiative.

Proposals for "sectoral partnerships for the European Innovation Platform on Eco-Innovation" (strand 4 of Europe INNOVA) and for "Strengthening the wider eco-innovation community" (strand 6 of Europe INNOVA) are called for.

This call follows up on the recent call for proposals Europe INNOVA ENT/CIP/09/C/N01S00.

An earlier draft version of this announcement that was briefly visible on these pages due to a technical error is invalid.

To obtain all the templates needed for a proposal and to prepare and submit a proposal, applicants can now use the Electronic Proposal Submission Service (EPSS). It is strongly recommended to read the user guide of the EPSS .

Eco-innovation under the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) consists of three components:

  1. Financial instruments (in particular the support to investment funds active in eco-innovation) with an indicative budget of EUR 228 million (2007-2013)
  2. Networks of national and regional actors, with an indicative budget of EUR 10 million (2007-2013)
  3. First application and market replication projects, with an indicative budget of EUR 195 million (2007-2013), herein called CIP Eco-Innovation Initiative

This call concerns only point 2 Networks of national and regional actors.

Call documentation:

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