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Simplification of accounting rules for SMEs Data tal-pubblikazzjoni: 30/03/2009

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This consultation concerns the third step in the simplification of accounting rules for SMEs and other companies in the scope of the Fourth and Seventh Company Law Directives ("Accounting Directives"), which began with a fast-track proposal in 2008. A Member State option to create a new "micro" entity category in order to exempt them from the accounting requirements under the 4th Directive is being proposed by the European Commission simultaneously with the launch of this stakeholder consultation.

This consultation aims at raising issues relating to the modernisation and simplification of the Accounting Directives. Positive effects of the review will include a reduction of burden mainly for small companies as well as qualitative improvements for all companies within the scope of these Directives. An additional objective is to increase the clarity of the text for lawmakers and users in general.

All citizens and organisations are encouraged to contribute to this consultation.