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Stakeholder Consultation on the revision of the Construction Products Directive (CPD) 89/106/EEC Published on: 21/03/2006, Last update: 08/09/2009

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The Commission believes that the Directive Construction Products Directive only partially eliminates barriers to trade and does not establish optimal conditions allowing the free circulation and use of construction products inside the Community.

The complexity and the ambiguity of the Directive, result in a lack of clarity as regards the real role and meaning of the CE Marking, giving rise to certain distrust in relation to the marking on the part of the construction product users. In addition, the heaviness, complexity and rigidity of the implementation procedures are the cause of unnecessary costs to enterprises.

Moreover, the Directive establishes that the availability of European technical specifications, specifically the harmonised standards, is, “de facto”, a prerequisite for the CE marking of construction products: yet, 16 years after its adoption, scarcely 50% of the required technical specifications are available.

Finally, the credibility of the system suffers from disparities observed in the way Member States apply the criteria foreseen by the Directive for designating and controlling notified bodies in charge of attestation of conformity procedures.

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