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Extension of Deadline to 31 May 2009: Effectiveness of Innovation Support in Europe Publicat la data de: 06/03/2009, Ultima actualizare: 27/06/2014

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With a view to maximising the number of responses to the current public consultation on the effectiveness of innovation support in Europe, the Commission Services have decided to extend the deadline for participation to 31 May, 2009.

The main purpose of this public consultation is to get insights on how to best improve the effectiveness of public innovation support mechanisms in the EU, against the background of constantly evolving innovation patterns in enterprises.

The public consultation consists of two online questionnaires: The one asks the beneficiaries of innovation support measures, namely companies, to provide their views on the direction of future innovation support policies and instruments in the EU, while the other invites institutional stakeholders active in the design, funding, implementation, and evaluation of innovation support measures at regional, national and European level to give their opinion on the key issues of better innovation support in Europe.

Pdf versions of the two questionnaires in French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish are available for download as a support when filling in the online questionnaires in English.

It is expected that the open consultation will, above all, shed more light on which types of support would create the most impact on companies’ capacities to innovate. While the aim is to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of European innovation support initiatives, the Commission seeks to also advise Member States on how to better focus their innovation support measures in line with the needs and expectations of stakeholders. At the same time, the consultation should result in a better understanding of the right "division of labour" between EU, national or regional levels for innovation support.

The results of the consultation will be summarised in a Commission Staff Working Document scheduled for publication in June 2009. The consultation will also feed into the discussions on the future European Plan for Innovation, called for by the Brussels European Council in December 2008.


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