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Internationalisation of SMEs Published on: 01/01/2003, Last update: 17/06/2014

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European Network for SME Research (ENSR).

This report investigates how SMEs internationalise their activities and the main reasons for internationalisation. It also focuses on how internationalisation affects SMEs' organisation and their competitiveness.

A view on those barriers that hinder SMEs' internationalisation is given as well.

The aim of this report is to verify that SMEs are involved in internationalisation in a much more complex manner than as mere exporters. The report will analyse how SMEs are involved in the international activities.

Observatory of European SMEs 2003 / No. 4
Luxembourg: Eur-Op, 2003 - 73 p.
Eur-Op Catalogue nb NB-AM-03-014-**-C

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