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Questionnaire for the Impact Assessment Study on Emissions from Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) Published on: 10/07/2008, Last update: 16/07/2008

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The Impact Assessment Study on possible policy options for reviewing the Emissions from the Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) Directive (Directive 97/68 as amended by Directive 2002/88/EC and Directive 2004/26/EC) has the following objectives:

  • assess the impacts of the options for the review of the NRMM Directive,
  • compare the impacts of the different options via a multicriteria analysis,
  • support the EU decision making process on the Directive review.

These objectives will be met by gathering information from the relevant organisations and additional desk research.

The questionnaire is a first step in gathering the relevant information. In parallel, interviews with a number of organisation representatives will also be organised. This questionnaire is specifically designed to collect information on:

  • sector,
  • compliance costs or gains linked to the directive review,
  • factors influencing the socio-economic impacts on the sector, likely impact of the directive review for SMEs.

The filled-in questionnaire is to be sent by 20-07-2008.


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