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Internal Market Scoreboard: best result ever - Member States reach new target ahead of deadline Publicado el: 10/07/2008

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DG Internal Market.

Member States (MS) have never performed better in implementing agreed Internal Market rules into national law, according to the European Commission’s latest Internal Market Scoreboard. On average only 1.0% of Internal Market Directives for which the implementation deadline has passed are not currently written into national law, down from 1.2% in December 2007. This means that MS are already in line with the new 1.0% target agreed by Heads of State, which is to be achieved by 2009 at the latest. 18 MS are either at or below the new target, while Bulgaria is the first MS to achieve a deficit of 0%. 10 MS achieved their best result so far.

The Report represents the 2008 version of the Internal Market Scoreboard (n.17), intended to monitor the transposition and application of Internal Market rules. The Report describes the EU-27 Member State transposition deficit (as at 13/05/2008 – 1687 directives), the EU-25 Member State performance EU-25 Member State performance in meeting 0% target for Directives whose transposition is over 2 years late (as at 13/05/2008) and EU-27 Member State number of open infringement proceedings (as at 1/05/2008).

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