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REACH Workshop: Final countdown to pre-registration and registration of chemicals Julkaistu: 11/04/2008, Viimeisin päivitys: 12/06/2013

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Ajankohta: 14/04/2008
Paikka: Brussels
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This workshop aims to alert companies that, starting June 1st 2008, they have 6 months to ensure pre-registration of the chemicals they want to continue to manufacture, import or use. The workshop will explain the key elements of the pre-registration and registration processes under REACH, focusing on practical aspects and examples. Many companies are not aware of their potential obligations under REACH, as manufacturer, importer or even user of chemicals, not necessarily pertaining itself to the chemical sector. The target audience comprises such companies, especially SMEs, as well as industry associations and other actors, whether public or private, having a key role in raising awareness and informing or assisting companies regarding REACH.

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