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EUROCODES - 'Dissemination of information for training' workshop Publicado el: 21/01/2008, Última actualización: 14/02/2008

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Fecha del evento: 18/02 > 20/02/2008
Lugar: Brussels
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The Eurocodes will become the European-wide means for structural design of works and parts thereof and so the creation of an internal market with free circulation of construction products and services will be accomplished. The opportunities provided by the cross-border free trade are of vital importance to both the design & construction sectors of the civil & building industries.

Main objectives of this workshop:

  • Transfer of knowledge to representatives of key organisations/institutions, industry and technical associations, which are (or will be) performing training on the Eurocodes in the Member States
  • Enhancing the training potential of the Member States
  • Contribution to the consistent and timely implementation of the Eurocodes

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