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Public consultation on future non-energy raw materials policy Publicado el: 24/01/2008, Última actualización: 02/09/2009

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The growing global economy is putting significant pressure on the competitive situation of EU manufacturing industries and raises questions over costs and security of access to primary and secondary non-energy raw materials. The situation calls for an integrated policy which covers trade, development, environment, external relations, research and industrial policies.

A Commission Staff Working document on the competitiveness of the EU non-energy extractive industry of 4 June 2007 analysed the availability of non-energy raw materials within the EU. It also examined the different drivers of a competitive extractive industry in Europe.

As a next step, the Commission is preparing a Communication which is expected to be finalised in the second half of 2008, setting out a European strategy on non-energy raw materials.

In preparation of the Communication, the Commission services invited stakeholders to give their opinion, until 24 March 2008 on the issues and policy options raised in a background paper.

Below you fill find the summary of the replies to the online questionnaire.

In addition, we have also published a number of individual position papers , as authorised by the respondents.

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