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Conference: Educating a New Generation of ICT Standards Professionals Julkaistu: 09/09/2009, Viimeisin päivitys: 16/02/2010

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Ajankohta: 18/11/2009
Paikka: Brussels
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Standards play an increasingly important role for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Knowledge about standards and their potential for business success in a globally competitive ICT market is critical. Seeing the needs and identifying the proper means for providing high quality education on ICT standardisation is key for bringing in-depth knowledge to a highly-qualified group of professionals in the future.

The European Commission is committed to facilitating the communication between ICT standardisation and the different stakeholders around the domain. For this reason, the European Commission will be holding a public event to discuss the development of training programmes to support the involment of different interest groups in ICT European standardisation.

The event took place on the 18 November 2009 in Brussels. The topics to be discussed will range from EU law to the functioning of Technical Committees.

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