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  • 21/08/2014European satellite navigation: Galileo to launch two more satellitesendeit
  • 21/08/201421/08/2014 Launch date re­­scheduled for Galileo satel­lites due to unfavourable wea­ther conditionsen
  • 21/08/2014New launchers to support independence of EU's satellite navigation programmeendeesfrit
  • 19/08/2014GALILEO LAUNCH: All on the right track ! (chronology in pictures)en
  • 18/08/2014GALILEO LAUNCH : Doresa and Milena take place on the launchers upper stage en
  • 14/08/2014Fostering ICT and Logistics Service Innovation in Emilia-Romagna en
  • 14/08/2014GALILEO LAUNCH: Doresa and Milena now share the same seat !en
  • 14/08/2014Using the Transformative Power of Service Innovation in Upper Austrian Industrial Renewal en
  • 14/08/2014Northern Ireland - Making a Transformation through Service Innovationen
  • 14/08/2014Luxembourg – Transforming the Healthcare Sector and becoming one of the Healthiest Nations on Earth en

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