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"Velmar Certification" Ltd.
281, Vladislav Varnetchik Blvd., Administrative Building - DIMIAT S.A.
Country : Bulgaria

Phone : +359 52 733 531; +359 52 303 531
Fax : +359 52 303 531

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Website : -

Notified Body number : 1839

Version(s): 1 2 3 4 5

Last update : 18/12/2007

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2009/142/EC (ex-90/396/EEC) Appliances burning gaseous fuels     (History)
Last update : 21/02/2007                 Version(s): 1 2

Products Procedures Articles/Annexes
Appliances burning gaseous fuels
Transportable camping equipment containing LPG
Machines and appliances for the production and processing of bread and pastry products, and pasta
Machines for the production and removal of bulk packagings and loading units
Commercial baking ovens and appliances
Safety devices, adjustment devices, control devices, radiant tubes and the like, hot air generators
Appliances and equipment fitted with gas burners
Gas burners
Gas heating devices for large catering establishments
   - temperature-control devices for foodstuffs
   - space heating
Heating devices as follows
   - temperature-control devices for foodstuffs
   - space heating
Industrial refrigerators and freezers
   - absorption refrigerators
fridges and freezers
mobile liquified-gas radiant heaters with atmosphere detector
radiant heaters with burner but no fan
mobile incandescent radiant heaters
Absorption refrigerating appliances using liquefied petroleum gas
Gas-fired appliances as follows
gas appliances for liquified gas in vehicles
camping appliances
Burning appliances for gas burners (fittings)
domestic gas-fired heaters
EC type-examination
EC verification by unit
EC declaration of conformity to type (guarantee of product quality)
EC declaration of conformity to type (guarantee of production quality)
EC declaration of conformity to type
EC verification
Annex II.1
Annex II.6
Annex II.4
Annex II.3
Annex II.2
Annex II.5