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Betzdorfer Strasse 2
50679 KÖLN
Country : Germany

Phone : +49:221:82752801
Fax : +49:221:82752799

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Notified Body number : 1649

Version(s): 1 2 3 4 5

Last update : 27/07/2011

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89/106/EEC Construction products (History)
Last update : 30/11/2010                 Version(s): 1 2 3 4

Decision Product family, product /Intended use AoC system Technical specification Body function
96/582/EC Metal anchors for use in concrete (mechanical fasteners) :
• Metal anchors for use in concrete (heavy-duty type) (for fixing and/or supporting concrete structural elements or heavy units such as cladding and suspended ceilings)
System 1
ETA-99/0007 Renewal
Inspection Body
Product Certification Body
97/161/EC Metal anchors for use in concrete for fixing lightweight systems (1/1) :
• Metal anchors for use in concrete (light-duty type) (for use in reduntant systems for fixing and/or supporting to concrete elements such as lightweight suspended ceilings, as well as installations)
System 2+
Inspection Body
FPC Certification Body
97/740/EC Masonry and related products (1/3) :
• Masonry units category I (in walls, columns and partitions)
System 2+
EN 771-6:2005
Inspection Body
FPC Certification Body
98/437/EC Internal and external wall and ceiling finishes (2/5) :
• Tiles (in internal or external suspended ceilings subject to safety in use requirements)
System 3
EN 12057:2004
Testing Laboratory
98/598/EC Aggregates for uses with high safety requirements (2/2) :
• Aggregates and fillers for concrete, mortar and grout (in buildings, roads and other civil engineering work)
System 2+
EN 12620:2002
EN 13139:2002
EN 13139:2002/AC:2004
FPC Certification Body
Inspection Body