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Denford Garage, Denford
Kettering, Northants NN14 4EQ
Country : United Kingdom

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Last update : 27/07/2010

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2006/95/EC (ex-73/23/EEC) Low voltage directive     (History)
Last update : 16/03/2010                 Version(s): 1 2

Products Procedures Articles/Annexes
Appliances for control and electrictricity distribution
Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment
Components and installations for energy transmission and energy distribution
Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use
Electrical equipment in the fields of telecommunications, information technology and power supplies
Electrical safety of electrical equipment and installations
Luminaires and associated equipment
Machines and appliances for household and similar purposes
Small power transformers, reactors, supply units and similar products
Electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits
Report consequent on a challenge (Art 8)
Opinion on a safeguard action (Art 9)
Article 8
Article 9