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Spaliul Independentei nr. 202A, Sector 6
Country : Romania

Phone : +40(37) 405.04.38
Fax : +40(37) 810.51.19

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Notified Body number : 2500

Last update : 22/08/2013

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Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 - Construction products (History)
Last update : 22/08/2013                 Version(s): 1 2

Decision Product family, product /Intended use AVCP system Technical specification Body function
95/467/EC Chimneys, flues and specific products (1/1) :
• Prefabricated chimneys (storey height elements), flue liners (elements or blocks), multi-shell chimney (elements or blocks), single walled chimneys and attached chimneys (chimneys)
System 2+
EN 13063-1:2005+A1:2007
EN 13063-2:2005+A1:2007
EN 13063-3:2007
EN 13069:2005
EN 13084-5:2005
EN 13084-5:2005/AC:2006
EN 13084-7:2012
EN 1457-1:2012
EN 1457-2:2012
EN 1856-1:2009
EN 1856-2:2009
EN 1857:2010
EN 1858:2008+A1:2011
FPC Certification Body
97/740/EC Masonry and related products (1/3) :
• Masonry units category I (in walls, columns and partitions)
System 2+
EN 771-1:2011
EN 771-2:2011
EN 771-3:2011
EN 771-4:2011
EN 771-5:2011
EN 771-6:2011
FPC Certification Body
98/598/EC Aggregates for uses with high safety requirements (2/2) :
• Fillers for bituminous mixtures and surface treatments (for roads and other civil engineering works)
• Aggregates for bituminous mixtures and surface treatments (for roads and other civil engineering works)
• Armourstones (for hydraulic structures and other civil engineering works)
• Railway ballast (for railway works)
• Aggregates and fillers for concrete, mortar and grout (in buildings, roads and other civil engineering work)
• Aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound mixtures (for roads and other civil engineering works)
System 2+
EN 12620:2002+A1:2008
EN 13043:2002
EN 13043:2002/AC:2004
EN 13139:2002
EN 13139:2002/AC:2004
EN 13242:2002+A1:2007
EN 13383-1:2002
EN 13383-1:2002/AC:2004
EN 13450:2002
EN 13450:2002/AC:2004
FPC Certification Body
98/601/EC Road construction products (1/2) :
• Bituminous mixtures (for road construction and surface treatment of roads)
System 2+
EN 13108-1:2006
EN 13108-1:2006/AC:2008
EN 13108-2:2006
EN 13108-2:2006/AC:2008
EN 13108-3:2006
EN 13108-3:2006/AC:2008
EN 13108-4:2006
EN 13108-4:2006/AC:2008
EN 13108-5:2006
EN 13108-5:2006/AC:2008
EN 13108-6:2006
EN 13108-6:2006/AC:2008
EN 13108-7:2006
EN 13108-7:2006/AC:2008
FPC Certification Body