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50677 Köln
Country : Germany

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Notified Body number : 2097

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Last update : 08/07/2013

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Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 - Construction products
Last update : 08/07/2013
Decision Product family, product /Intended use AVCP system Technical specification Body function
97/808/EC Floorings (2/2) :
• Resilient and textile floorings - homogeneous and heterogeneous resilient floor coverings supplied either in tile, sheet or roll form (textile floor covering including tiles; plastic and rubber sheets (aminoplastic thermosetting floorings); linoleum and cork; anti-static sheet; floor loose laid tiles; resilient laminated floorings) (for internal uses)
System 3
EN 14041:2004
EN 14041:2004/AC:2006
Testing Laboratory
97/808/EC Floorings (2/2) :
• Rigid flooring products<BR>(a) Components: paving units, tiles, mosaics, parquet, decking of mesh or sheet, floor gratings, rigid laminated floorings, wood based products (for internal uses including enclosed public transport premises)
System 3
EN 14342:2005+A1:2008
EN 14342:2013
Testing Laboratory