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Via Courgnè, 21
10156 - TORINO
Country : Italy

Phone : +39 011 2222225
Fax : +39 011 2222226

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Notified Body number : 0477

Version(s): 1 2

Last update : 22/04/2013

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Some information about the accreditation details are available in the PDF
89/106/EEC Construction products
Last update : 22/04/2013
Decision Product family, product /Intended use AoC system Technical specification Body function
96/579/EC Circulation fixtures (1/2) :
• Vehicle restraint systems: parapets (for circulation areas)
System 1
EN 1317-5:2007+A2:2012
EN 1317-5:2007+A2:2012/AC:2012
Product Certification Body
Testing Laboratory
Inspection Body
96/579/EC Circulation fixtures (2/2) :
• Road traffic noise reducing devices and barriers (for circulation areas)
System 3
EN 14388:2005
EN 14388:2005/AC:2008
Testing Laboratory
96/580/EC Curtain wallings (1/1) :
• Curtain wall kits (as external walls not subject to reaction to fire requirements)
System 3
EN 13830:2003
Testing Laboratory
99/93/EC Doors, windows, shutters, blinds, gates and related building hardware (1/1) :
• Doors and gates (with or without related hardware) (other declared specific uses and/or uses subject to other specific requirements, in particular noise, energy, tightness and safety-in-use (i.e. NOT for fire/smoke compartmentation, NOT for escape routes))
System 3
EN 13241-1:2003+A1:2011
EN 14351-1:2006+A1:2010
Testing Laboratory
Calculation body
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