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LABOR für Holztechnik LHT, HAWK Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst, Fachhochschule Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen
Hohnsen 1
31134 Hildesheim
Country : Germany

Phone : +49 (0) 5121 881-230
Fax : +49 (0) 5121 881-289

Email :
Website :

Notified Body number : 2373

Last update : 02/05/2012

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89/106/EEC Construction products
Last update : 02/05/2012
Decision Product family, product /Intended use AoC system Technical specification Body function
97/176/EC Structural timber products (1/3) :
• Solid structural timber products: Elements (bridge elements, truss elements, sleepers, floor elements, wall elements, roof elements such as beams, arches, joists, rafters, columns, poles, piles) (bridges, railtracks and buildings)
• Solid structural timber products; Kits (trusses, floors, walls, roofs, frames) (bridges, railtracks and buildings)
System 2+
EN 14250:2010
FPC Certification Body
97/176/EC Structural timber products (3/3) :
• Fasteners for structural timber products (connectors for timber, split ring connectors, cylindrical steel and wood dowels, wood screws, threaded bolts, wood nails) (for structural timber products)
System 3
EN 14592:2008
Calculation body
97/638/EC Fasteners for structural timber products (1/1) :
• Shear plates (for structural timber products)
• Toothed-plate connectors (for structural timber products)
• Punched nail plates (for structural timber products)
• Nailing plates (for structural timber products)
System 2+
ETAG 015
FPC Certification Body
99/455/EC Timber frame and log prefabricated building kits (1/1) :
• Timber frame and log prefabricated building kits (as defined in Annex I) (in building works)
System 1
ETAG 007
FPC Certification Body
Calculation body
Product Certification Body