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DTC Dynamic Test Center AG
Route Principale 122
2537 Vauffelin
Country : Switzerland

Phone : +41 32 321 66 00
Fax : +41 32 321 66 01

Email :
Website :

Notified Body number : 2251

Version(s): 1 2 3 4

Last update : 06/08/2010

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Some information about the accreditation details are available in the PDF
2000/14/EC Noise emission in the environment by equipment for use outdoors     (History)
Last update : 31/01/2012                 Version(s): 1 2

Products Procedures Articles/Annexes
Construction winch
Hydraulic power pack
Landfill compactor, loader-type with bucket < 500 kW
Lift truck, combustion-engine driven, counterbalanced
Mobile crane
Tower crane
Welding generator
dozers < 500 kW
dumpers < 500 kW
Unit verification
Internal control of production
Annex VII
Annex V
excavator-loaders < 500 kW
Unit verification Annex VII
excavators, hydraulic or rope-operated <500kW
graders < 500 kW
loaders < 500 kW
paver-finishers (excluding paver-finisher equiped with a high-compaction screed)
power generators < 400 kW
aerial access platforms with combustion engine
brush cutters
builders' hoists for the transport of goods (with electric motor)
building site band saw machines
building site circular saw benches
chain saws, portable
combined high pressure flushers and suction vehicles
compaction machines (explosion rammers only)
concrete or mortar mixers
construction winches (with electric motor)
conveying and spraying machines for concrete and mortar
conveyor belts
drill rigs
equipment for loading and unloading silos or tanks on trucks
glass recycling containers
grass trimmers/grass edge trimmers
hedge trimmers
high pressure flushers
high pressure water jet machines
hydraulic hammers
joint cutters
leaf blowers
leaf collectors
lift trucks, combustion-engine driven, couterbalanced (only
mobile waste containers
paver-finishers (equipped with a high-compaction screed)
piling equipment
piste caterpillars
power generators (> = 400 kW)
power sweepers
refuse collection vehicles
road milling machines
snow-removing machines with rotating tools (self-propelled, excluding attachments)
suction vehicles
truck mixers
water pump units (not for use under water)
cooling equipment on vehicles
builders' hoists for the transport of goods (combustion-engine driven)
compaction machines (only vibrating and non-vibrating rollers, vibratory plates and vibratory rammers)
compressors (< 350 kW)
concrete-breakers and picks, hand-held
lawnmowers (excluding agricultural and forestry equipment, and multi-purpose devices, the main motorised component of which has an installed power of more than 20 kW)
lawn trimmers/lawn edge trimmers
motor hoes (< 3 kW)
Unit verification
Internal control of production
Annex VII
Annex V