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1606 Sofia
Country : Bulgaria

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Last update : 24/01/2007

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95/16/EC Lifts    
Last update : 05/01/2009                 Version(s): 1 2

Products Procedures Articles/Annexes
Full quality assurance (for lifts)
EC type-examination of lifts
Unit verification (for lifts)
Product quality assurance (for lifts)
Final inspection (for lifts)
Annex XIII
Annex V B
Annex X
Annex XII
Annex VI
Safety components
   - 1- devices for locking landing doors
   - 2- devices to prevent falls referred to in Section 3.2 of Annex I to prevent the car from falling or unchecked upward movements
   - 3- overspeed limitation devices
   - 4-a) energy-accumulating shock absorbers
      - non-linear
      - damping of the return movements
   - 4-b) energy-dissipating shock absorbers
   - 5- safety devices fitted to jacks of hydraulic power circuits where these are used as devices to prevent falls
   - 6- electric safety devices in the form of safety switches containing electronic components
Full quality assurance (for safety components)
EC Type-examination of safety components
Conformity to type with random checking (for safety components)
Annex IX
Annex V A
Annex XI