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József krt. 6.
1088 Budapest
Country : Hungary

Phone : +36:1:210 9445
Fax : +36:1:314 3820

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Notified Body number : 1420

Version(s): 1 2 3 4 5

Last update : 21/12/2007

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89/106/EEC Construction products
Last update : 10/12/2008                 Version(s): 1 2 3 4

Decision Product family, product /Intended use AoC system Technical specification Body function
97/555/EC Cements, building limes and other hydraulic binders :
• Common cements, including:<BR>-Portland cement,<BR>-Portland composite cements: Portland-slag cement, Portland-silica fume cement, Portland-pozzolana cement, Portland-fly ash cement, Portland-burnt shale cement, Portland-limestone cement, Portland composite cement,<BR>-Blastfurnace cements,<BR>-Pozzolanic cements,<BR>-Composite cements (preparation of concrete, mortar, grout and other mixes for construction and for the manufacture of construction products)
System 1+
EN 197-1:2000
EN 197-1:2000/ A1:2004
EN 197-1:2000/A3:2007
EN 197-1:2011
Product Certification Body
99/93/EC Doors, windows, shutters, blinds, gates and related building hardware (1/1) :
• Building hardware related to doors, gates and windows (fire/smoke compartmentation and on escape routes)
System 1
EN 1125:2008
Product Certification Body
99/470/EC Construction adhesives (1/2) :
• Adhesives for tiles (for internal and external uses in buildings and other civil engineering works)
System 3
EN 12004:2007
Testing Laboratory
99/471/EC Space heating appliances (1/2) :
• Space heating appliances burning solid and liquid fuels (in buildings)
System 3
EN 12815:2001
EN 12815:2001/A1:2004
EN 12815:2001/A1:2004/AC:2006
EN 12815:2001/A1:2004/AC:2007
EN 12815:2001/AC:2006
EN 13229:2001
EN 13229:2001/A1:2003
EN 13229:2001/A2:2004
EN 13229:2001/A2:2004/AC:2006
EN 13229:2001/A2:2004/AC:2007
EN 13229:2001/AC:2006
EN 13240:2001
EN 13240:2001/A2:2004
EN 13240:2001/A2:2004/AC:2006
EN 13240:2001/A2:2004/AC:2007
EN 13240:2001/AC:2006
Testing Laboratory