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Last update : 01/02/2008

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89/686/EEC Personal protective equipment     (History)
Last update : 01/02/2008                 Version(s): 1 2

Products Procedures Articles/Annexes
Buoyancy aids, lifejackets, armbands and lifesaving suits
Eye and face protection
Eye protection devices
Eye protection devices and equipment
Eye protection devices, protective glasses
Eye protection equipment
Eye protectors
Glasses for occupational uses (glare, radiation, high-speed impact, for drivers)
Hearing protection equipment
Hearing protection.
Helmets for equestrian use; Helmets for alpine skiers; Helmets for airborne sports
Motor cycle clothing.
Personal buoyancy aids
   - protective glasses against the mechanical shocks
Personal protective equipment for sports and leisure
Personal protective equipment for sports or leisure activities
   - Chest protectors and groin protectors
   - Gum shields
   - Masks and visors for face protection
   - Protective clothing
   - life-buoys and life-jackets
   - life-jackets designed for recreational sailing
   - protective helmets for sports use
Personal protective equipment intended to protect the eyes
Protective clothing for motorcyclists (excluding helmets and visors)
Protective devices for the eyes and eyesight
Protective equipment for eyes and face
Protective hats for horse and ponyriders
Protective visors
Riding hats
Skullcaps for jockeys
Ultraviolet filters
EC type-examination Art.10