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P.zzo del Vescovo - Via Garibaldi, 20
40011 - Anzola Emilia (BO)
Country : Italy

Phone : +39 051 736700
Fax : +39 051 736701

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Notified Body number : 0303

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Last update : 31/05/2007

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98/37/EC Machinery     (History)
Last update :
Products Procedures Articles/Annexes
Manually-loaded trucks for the collection of household refuse incorporating a compression mechanism (section A13 of annex IV)
Guards and detachable transmission shafts with universal joints as described in section 3.4.7. (section A14 of annex IV)
Devices for the lifting of persons involving a risk of falling from a vertical height of more than 3 metres (section A16 of annex IV)
Electro-sensitive devices designed specifically to detect persons in order to ensure their safety (non-material barriers, sensor mats, electromagnetic detectors, etc.) (section B1 of annex IV)
Logic units which ensure the safety functions of bi-manual controls (section B2 of annex IV)
Automatic movable screens to protect the presses referred to in 9, 10 and 11 (section B3 of annex IV)
Roll-over protection structures (ROPS) (section B4 of annex IV)
Falling-object protective structures (FOPS) (section B5 of annex IV)
EC type-examination Annex VI Art.8, 2(b) and 2c, 3rd indent